The foundation of the National Rollout Co.'s model is the fixture installation and maintenance programs

Fixture Installation and Maintenance

The foundation of the National Rollout Co.'s model is the fixture installation and maintenance programs. We install and maintain nearly every size, type and scopes of displays and kiosk. Including mechanical, electronic and diagnostics skilled techs. Some displays need cosmetic repairs, some replacing parts, while some need diagnosis and correction. From our current clients, the typical break/fix needs are for part replacement and software updates. We currently maintain over 20,000 displays in all 50 states. Your call times can be reduced from weeks to days. We currently offer a 24-48 hour turnaround on break/fix maintenance issues, or the clients are not charged.

Category Resets

From small to category resets, National Rollout has completed thousands of projects in all areas in between. Planogram service is provided when needed. All 527 two-man-crews have completed dozens of resets and installations, have the ability to read planograms, and cover every inch of the united states.
The most difficult part of every reset program is not only completing it in all 50 states and hitting a tight deadline, but having ALL of the reset product faced and set 100% according to planogram. This may sound like an easy task. A typical category can have over 10,000 sku's in a big box store with hundreds of thousands of facings, in thousands of stores. While we don't always achieve 100% in all 5000 locations, we find our mistakes in the Quality control department and return to correct any mistake instantly without any charge to the client. With our crews all being local self-performing techs, they can return to the set within hours to correct.

Assembly Services

National Rollout Co's technicians are also experienced in assembly services from a small pop up of a card board cutout to a 20"x20" shed. We have the ability to assemble and maintain the inventory of products sold assembled.

Planogram service

National Rollout Co.'s retail merchandising experts includes a full array of POG services. From initial set-up, to full and extensive resets.

Inventory Services

National Rollout Co. is well experienced in a multitude of product inventory services. These sales enhancing services include; product replenishment, full inventory capabilities, product returns, out of stock identification, order processing and fulfillment.