About US

We Help Companies Install Their Displays/Kiosks

Our staff is on call for you, whenever and wherever you need us. Whether it’s 10 stores or 10,000 stores, we can set it. With 2914 two-man crews, we can be 2914 places at once. And with all local crews operating within small home territories, there are no fuel surcharges, hotel or per diem expenses, keeping costs down and speeding up timelines for quicker completions.

The Foundations of National Rollout Company’s Customer Service

In most cases, our installers can be on-site within 24 hours. We offer on-site training and remote video classes to all install technicians when the project demands. We strive to not only satisfy customers but truly please and impress our clients to make this a smooth, stress-free process.

Dispatching and Reporting

National Rollout Company has designed and built proprietary software from the ground up specifically to inform, train, schedule, manage and report on a nearly real-time feed to our clients and project teams. We also created iPhone and Android Apps available for our teams to increase productivity and reporting. Every install has photographs and manager sign off paperwork provided to the client. Clients can log in, view and export any number of reports based on their needs, from scheduling to how many installs took place on any given day, to completion photos and paperwork.

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