Project Manager View

Our Project Manager Dashboards allow our project managers to see how far along a project, project group or a project phase is at a glance. Additionally, there are various types of reports available for each from this dashboard.

Double clicking on a project brings up the following form:

This form allows our project managers to zoom in on precisely the type of data they want to see. For example, if the project manager clicked on Assigned/NW underneath their name, a new form would pop up showing all of the locations they are responsible for that have been assigned to installers and not yet worked, allowing that manager to start making phone calls for those installers who are nearing the deadline. S/he could just as easily click on a state in the map graphic below, or on a pie chart slice, or a bar on the graph showing locations with issues. The result would be a list of locations correspond to the data element clicked on!

From there the details of the location for this project can be viewed or edited.

Project Managers review numerous reports to make sure your project is running smoothly and on time. We even allow them to assign installers based upon a localized map with links to nearby installers and their work history.

National Rollout Company believes that simple information analysis is vital to us completing your projects on time and on budget, which is why we have invested heavily in information technology and our Portal.