Installer View

Our Portal gives us the ability to rapidly communicate information to our installers on their desktop or mobile device regarding:

  • New locations in their vicinity that are available for them to work.  An Installer may apply for one or more locations using the Portal.
  • Assigned locations.
  • Links to shipping information for parts sent to work-sites.
  • Documentation such as Planograms, instructions for photos to be taken, questionnaires, inventories, etc.

The Portal allows installers to:

  • Review available projects and locations and apply to work them.
  • Submit finished questionnaires or inventories.
  • Upload photos of completed work.
  • Download documentation and needed forms.
  • Review pertinent shipping information.

List of Jobs Assigned to Installer

List of Documents for Selected Job

Action Menu For a Job

Photo Menu For a Job

Questionnaire Entry Form